Top 5 Best Programming Languages for Beginners
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Top 5 Best Programming Languages for Beginners

As a techie on the Internet, I often get asked about programming. While I do not use much programming these days, I was educated in programming in my university days and have seen the trend of where my colleagues have ended. Before I continue this discussion, I think the most important thing is to start and be aware that coding trends change and if you want your skills to apply to your dream job, be aware that in industry, the priority is becoming good at one language. In other words, don’t stress about learning every language.

In this list, we’ll be discussing imperative languages (which you instruct the computer how to do a task; you’ve probably heard of object-oriented programming, which is a type of imperative language), which will allow you to focus on programming concepts. Here are the top five best programming langues for beginners based on current job trends and ease in transition for beginners.


Python is another highly recommended language for beginners, and is the most popular introductory language at Top U.S. Universities (I can attest to this- it was my first programming class!) and is used by companies like Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon. Python is a multi-purpose language whose simple syntax makes for a powerful tool and is known for being one of the easiest languages to pick up but also be as challenging as other languages when presented with “advanced” code such as multi-threading. As Python is an open source language, it additionally offers ease in finding online resources as well as provides a large standard library to create GUIs, manipulate regular expressions, or connect to relational databases.


This programming language is best known as the language used alongside of HTML and CSS for making webpages. Much of the language is used for back-end development as well, so it will still be relevant to future web development.


This start-up popular programming language is used with the Ruby on Rails framework, also used to develop web applications. Considered fairly easy to learn, especially since the language is much more forgiving with things like semicolons and being able to avoid learning how to use a database altogether. The language can be used to develop both front and back-end of an entire web application. In fact, many of your favorite websites like Groupon, Airbnb, Hulu, Soundcloud, even Github are created on Ruby on Rails.


Java forms a large part of the basis for Android’s operating systems and is a general-purpose an cross platform language. Enterprises also love Java for its relative stability and scalability as has excellent back-end development tools and continues to be one of the enterprise development leaders.


While these languages can be moderate to difficult in learning ease, these languages are commonly used for gaming development for system and software applications. C++ is simply an extension of C’s library, but is considered one of the most powerful languages in terms of capabilities. It is worth noting that coding in C may keep you limited to Microsoft platforms and is closed-sourced.

Now pick a language and get started today! Programming takes time and developers/programmers are not made overnight so learn as you can! Don’t forget that if you’re seeking coding advice or even career advice, check out and bookmark these resources:

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