Black-Owned Makeup Brands I’m OBSESSED With! (B.O.M.B. Makeup!)

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As a mixed woman, finding makeup for my skin can be challenging: quite often it’s too gray, too yellow, and not my “nude”, other various issues. I think while we are celebrating Black History Month on my page, I think it’s important to celebrate and support black-owned brands that make products not only for various skin tones, but also celebrate women of color. This post is about some of the makeup brands that I’ve tested and become OBSESSED with. I challenge all my readersĀ (especially those of you who are not black!) to try some new products are support MORE black and minority owned businesses!

Juvia’s Place


This store has become my newest obsession- especially because they are ultrapigmented and their incredibly affordable price tag! It’s also gotten some incredible traction by beauty gurus and I highly recommend! They are very vibrant and colorful (not to mention great packaging). For those wondering what I’ve purchased in the past, my favorite palette is the Nubian Eyeshadow paletteĀ for only $20. They also sell liquid lipsticks and makeup accessories.

Beauty Bakerie

Known for its smudge-proof lip whips, Beauty Bakerie is quite the catch! Once again, really great packaging and branding, I’ve considered this one of my favorite long-lasting lipsticks and the best part is that they do not dry up your lips! Beauty Bakerie recently created a concealer (which I haven’t tried!) but they ultimately sell everything for face, eyes and lips! My favorite color is this dark nude perfectly named “Gingersnap”,Ā which NikkiTutorials has used in one of her tutorials.

Lena Lashes

Lena Lashes are simply gorgeous and affordable. The brand often has amazing sales and is known for itsĀ collection mink lashes. They also sell lipstick and other accessories.

Iman Cosmetics

Founded by supermodel Iman, this drugstore beauty brandĀ carries everything from foundation to lipstick, but its face products are a definite fan favorite. You can also pick up some of these productsĀ at your local drugstore, Target– even Amazon. My favorite product is theirĀ Luxury Lip Shimmer DecadentĀ and their Sheer Finish Bronzing Powder Afterglow.

Sacha Cosmetics

My favorite thing about Sacha Cosmetics is that you can find tons of products for medium and dark girls, like lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes, and blush, but also will cater to light skin tones. I have never looked ashy in their “Buttercup powder” ever, a complaint that I hear often with many colored people. It photographs well as well and is the number #1 best selling powder on Amazon! You can also purchase on their website, but if you’re anything like me, 2 day shipping is the best thing in the world!

Honorable Mentions

I also wanted to give a shout out to items I have yet to try, but are currently on my wishlist, as they are popular social media favorites:

  1. Ka`oir Cosmetics
  2. ColouredRaine
  3. Pat McGrath
  4. Laws of Nature (Paraben and Artificial Fragrance-free makeup)

There are a LOT of black-owned brands who are AMAZING and are often over looked and overshadowed by bigger brands who don’t even cater to minorities as much as they should! I hope you feel inspired to try a new project– after all, there are so many brands out there!