Apps Every Small Business Owner Should Have

Apps Every Small Business Owner Should Have

Being a small business owner or ‘solopreneur’ is hard enough between the appointments, calls and emails! Thanks to phone apps though, it is easier than ever to make your workflow as efficient as possible – especially if you have to wear many hats! In collaboration with Hello Chava, we want to make it easier than ever to do it all! Whether your small business is running a personal nail salon or own an online clothing store, these apps are game changers!

Keep your finances in line with Quickbooks

Intuit Quickbooks


Everyone knows one of the important foundations of a good business is proper accounting. Accounting or tax mistakes can incredibly expensive and damaging to a small business. Make your day-to-day accounting easier with Quickbooks. In addition to easy access to controlling cash flow and managing bills, but you can also control cash flow, email invoices and statements, and even print checks! It’s a small business favorite! And best part are the varying QuickBooks online plans for all budgets. Plans start at $10/month for sole proprietors.



Communicate effectively with clients on one phone using Hello Chava

Hello Chava


Streamlining communications with clients is hard enough- especially when you can’t always be on your work landline. But when you have to manage your personal life and business life with one phone, it makes for a mess! Hello Chava not only allows you to call and text your clients without giving your personal phone number, but it makes it easier to mass-message out of office days and share services privately, schedule meetings and share your availability. Certainly not limited to clients, but correspondence with co-workers is professional and easier than ever! Best part is Hello Chava will work with you to get your phone on your device! Nothing makes it easier for business when your client can text or call you rather than waiting for an email or traveling to your office. Best part? Only for $4.99/month.


Stay focused on the most important tasks with Trello



Juggling clients and lots of different projects with varying requirements and tasks can become not only tedious but difficult to handle if everything is written on paper. An excellent resource to share your workflow and checklists with team members. Even perfect for solo entrepreneurs to manage concurrent projects, project notes, create editorial calendars, and even attaching files to tasks as reminders. And of course, it syncs across all platforms and your phone or email calendars accordingly. Trello is free for limited features, but otherwise Trello Business Class costs $9.99 per team member per month.



Consolidate your travel itineraries with TripIt



Business travel can be hectic when you have reservations and dates in different places. Thanks to TripIt, it makes it easier to forward reservation confirmation emails, create master itineraries and store various reservation numbers all in one place. Additionally, it pulls up directions, weather information, notes, links and address recommendations according to your destination! Paid versions of this app provide seat information, and real-life alerts and monitoring. TripIt Pro starts at $29/month for 1-10 member teams.Β 



No longer dread business expense reports with Expensify



Expensify allows you the flexibility of creating expense reports on the go without worrying about hoarding receipts or losing a receipt during business trips or work commuting. Just scan your receipts as soon as you get them and organize them into categories to be expensed by. The good news is that if you do lose your receipt, this app allows you to import expenses from your credit card statement applies to those specific expenses. No hassle either, as it also integrates with Quickbooks. Best part, it is absolutely free for individuals! Pricing plans start at $5 per active team member for teams.



Protect your online accounts and passwords with LastPass



Let’s discuss passwords: in a world where online personas are everywhere, cyber attacks are rampant and online presence is more important than ever, it’s important to ensure that you have a password that’s unpredictable and is well protected. Once you create an account, you can have a protected library of your passwords. LastPass also helps you generate secure passwords, categorize them and add notes. Best part is the use across your phone or tablet so you can use your password if you’re away from your computer. The app is free for everyone; and offers personal premium features such as access to secure ]online backup plans and business pricing starting at $2.42 per user a month for up to 50 member teams.



So many options- but now it’s time to start! Start speaking with your customers today!