• Must-Have Tech for Remote Workers
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    Must-Have Tech for Remote Workers

    Many of you who know me now that I am a remote worker and an avid tech person! But what I have not shared are the gadgets that I’ve sworn by that make my experience working from home make me not miss working from an office! If you’re looking for gadgets for your work home experience or just looking to treat your favorite digital nomad, these are the must-haves! Speakers The best advantage of working from home is that often your music (whether you play loud or not) will not bother your neighbors and you can change based on your focus levels! If you like to blast speakers, I am…

  • Top 5 Gifts Tech 2017
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    Top 5 Tech Gifts for the Holidays – 2017

    Just a few more weeks until Christmas! Are you still looking for gifts? Well don’t freight, your techie is here to help! Here are a list of tech gadgets all of your loved ones can enjoy: Wearable Tech: Fitbit Charge 2 I’m quite a fan of the Fitbit. I have one of my own and have enjoyed getting use out of it. It’s also much more affordable and thinner band option than the Apple Watch. I personally like it over the Alta HR because of the additional features it features. This includes the following: Connected GPS, which creates map of your running tracks Guided Breathing based on your heart rate Cardio…

  • Fight to Save the Internet: Net Neutrality
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    The Fight to Save The Internet: Net Neutrality

    This post has been updated since original post date Dec 4th to account for recent news. What is Net Neutrality? You’ve heard the term so many times, as it pertains to American politics and all of your favorite social media’s cries. You’ve heard about it for good reason! Think of any time you go on Facebook, YouTube, even your favorite forum– does Comcast or AT&T block you in any way to go on those websites? No. That is how it is now. Net Neutrality says that so long as you have access to an internet connection, all have the right to access an open Internet and access to all communications.…

  • App Edition: Edit Photos for Social Media
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    App Edition: Edit Photos for Social Media

    If you are anything like me, you look for every way to make your photos on social media pop in the sea of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook posts! You search and search for the right aesthetic. I’m on my iPhone constantly, but looking for features can be overwhelming in the App Store! After considerable research, testing, and collaborating with other bloggers, I would like to put my stamp of approval on the following Freemium/Free applications. They  do not require any additional purchasing! I like free stuff too 🙂 ! (You could use a mix of the applications if you wish!) These are great alternatives for those who are not satisfied enough with the standard filters! Popular…

  • Best Apps for Productivity
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    Best Apps For Homework Help or Productivity

    Technology has made daily homework much easier than ever before. There are many apps out there that are excellent for homework help, as well as apps that become helpful for those in the workforce. As many of you know, I thoroughly enjoy testing out apps! Here are my very best mobile, Mac and PC apps that can help any student in getting their work done or someone who needs help with productivity: Memorigi “Memorigi” is an Google Play To Do and Task list app where you can log in and keep a record of your work schedule. This app helps keep track record of upcoming workload and helps students to manage…

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