• Mary Winston-Jackson
    Tech History

    Mary Winston-Jackson – Black History Month

    In honor of Rosa Park’s Day today in California, I’d like to highlight another spectacular women during the Civil Rights movement– one of the very special women taking the lead in NASA (and the real woman behind Janae Monae’s role in Hidden Figures): Mary Winston-Jackson. Mary Winston-Jackson, mathematician and aerospace engineer at NASA Education and Early Career Mary Jackson earned bachelor’s degrees in mathematics and physical science from Hampton Institute in 1942. Jackson would end up working several jobs prior to joining National Aeronautics and Space Administration (previously National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics) as a research mathemetician in 1951. Scientific Contributions In 1953, she accepted an offer to work for…

  • Dr. Charles Drew
    Tech History

    Dr. Charles Drew – Black History Month

    Inspired by a recent blood appointment, it occurred to me that there had to have been pioneers to blood drives and blood storage. Low and behold, we have Dr. Charles Drew to thank.  Dr. Charles Drew developed ways to process and store blood plasma in where we now call “blood banks” Education Dr. Drew went to Amherst College on a football scholarship and completed his bachelor’s degree at Amherst in 1926. Drew did not immediately go to medical school due to a lack of finances and would teach at Morgan College (now Morgan State University) before enrolling to McGill University in 1928. By graduation in 1933, Drew would win a prize in…

  • Dr. James E. West
    Tech History

    Dr. James E. West – Black History Month

    If you have ever used any device in the past 50+ years, or are a rapper who has enjoyed dropping the mic, you have Dr. James E. West to thank– the inventor of the Electroacoustic Transducer Electret Microphone, better known as a “mic”. Dr. James E. West, inventor of the electric microphone Career Dr. James E. West attended Temple University and received a Bachelor’s degree in Physics was an intern with the Acoustics Research Department at Nokia Bell Labs through his undergraduate years, until he hired for a full-time position as an acoustical scientist by Bell Labs. Invention and Scientific Contributions West teamed up with Dr. Gerhard Sessler and developed…

  • Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson
    Tech History

    Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson – Black History Month

    As mentioned on my social media, I am dedicating this month to sharing history about Black History Month Black STEMmers. I will begin by talking about phones– something we use every day! It’s important to learn about the forward-thinking African-American STEM contributors that make what I love (tech!!) even possible! Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson, Physicist and Caller ID inventor Career As her first major accomplishment, along with being 1 of 20 African-American students at MIT in her undergraduate education (the only one studying theoretical physics), she is the first African-American female Ph.D graduate of MIT, the second to earn a doctorate in physics in the US. As a postdoctoral researcher,…

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