4 Ways to Supercharge your Digital Housekeeping
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4 Ways to Supercharge Your Digital Housekeeping

Digital housekeeping is no different from office, bedroom or home keeping. If you leave things messy for so long, the more likely it is for you to be disorganized- not to mention lose time! Put some time aside on a weekend and get started with these tips! Nothing is better than starting off a new work day with a clean computer!

1. Start with a literally clean computer.

When was the last time you got out the crumbs from your keyboard and the smudges from your screen? Make sure you shut off your computer. I recommend a compressed gas duster, cleaning brush,  screen cleaning wipes and your favorite microfiber cloth. Best part is you can use these to clean most gadgets as well as glasses, monitors and even TVs.

2. Make a habit of backing up your files

Invest in external storage! Do you have a backup plan? If you back up your files, great; if not, consider what would happen if your machine was stolen or crashed all of a sudden. Pro-tip: Convert old photos and videos to more current formats- you’ll be thankful when you upgrade to new machines! These days, you can even purchase a 2TB backup for under $100 so no excuses!

3. Disk defragmentation

If you save a lot of files or consistently install or uninstall software, you should definitely defrag more often. On a PC it’s as simple as going to “Defragment and Optimize Drives” in Windows 10. However, on a Mac, it is needed fairly rarely, as the macOS file system automatically defragments files on its own. The alternative when defragging on the HDD (not the SSD!) is to repair the disk permissions.

4. Purge your unwanted files

Goes without saying, but make sure you’ve deleted old app packages, mail downloads, disk images, temporary internet files and downloaded program files. You can do this with checking the storage capacities in both the Mac and the PC and review the disk cleanups. There are also many apps that will do just that if you don’t want to do it yourself! Just be sure it’s safe!

These are great ways to get you started on re-organizing your files and using a naming scheme that works for you! Remember this is all in practice. Your memories are important, so don’t sweat the large storage. You just have to remember to be organized and use digital housekeeping to your advantage!



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