App Edition: Edit Photos for Social Media
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App Edition: Edit Photos for Social Media

If you are anything like me, you look for every way to make your photos on social media pop in the sea of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook posts! You search and search for the right aesthetic. I’m on my iPhone constantly, but looking for features can be overwhelming in the App Store!

After considerable research, testing, and collaborating with other bloggers, I would like to put my stamp of approval on the following Freemium/Free applications. They  do not require any additional purchasing! I like free stuff too 🙂 ! (You could use a mix of the applications if you wish!) These are great alternatives for those who are not satisfied enough with the standard filters!

Popular App: Planoly

Best for: Weekly analysis and scheduling 

Planoly - Available in iOS and Google Play
Planoly – Available in iOS and Google Play

Planoly hooks you in with a cute and inviting UI and claims to be the first visual planner and scheduler for Instagram. It serves as the perfect scheduler for a beginner who likes simple analysis (unfortunately free for a month) and brings in a visual of all of the 30 uploads a month. I appreciate the fact that they do not automatically post for you. From my usage, a quick tip is that you should copy/paste your caption in Planoly before posting. When the app transitions to Instagram, it does not carry over the caption. While at this current time I am not interested in paying for a scheduler, the plans seem to deliver great value and have many plan options:

Honorable mentions:

Plann (more limited in features), Preview (Learning curve is higher, but still approachable and have some of my favorite filters of all the apps!)


Best for: Grids and Best Time/Hashtags analysis

UNUM - Available on iOS and Google Play
UNUM – Available on iOS and Google Play

I use this application primarily to see my current feed and to compare how it would look like with future posts. Bonus: the app does in fact allow you to schedule apps. When adding hashtags, it was cool to see feedback from the app. For example, which hashtags received the most responses, the times you’ve posted and the most activity, and a visual of your likes to comments.


Best for: Simple photo filter editing

VSCO - Available in iOS and Google Play
VSCO – Available in iOS and Google Play

While VSCO is a social media app, VSCO offers a few more filters as well as an artsy plethora of filter ‘collections’ for free and for purchase. I would highly recommend this app for health and lifestyle bloggers. For those who would like additional tips, VSCO has a growing community of users sharing their exact filter settings. Just Google VSCO filters. VSCO CAM has additional features for the expert photographer and avid mobile app user. Example shown below:

VSCO Filter Theme Charcoal
VSCO Filter Theme Charcoal

Adobe Spark Post

Best for: Easy Text/image templates

Adobe Spark Post - Available in iOS, Google Play
Adobe Spark Post – Available in iOS, Google Play

The app is a great addition to the Adobe collection. Spark is free and provides an easier way to edit your photos and provides a wide collection of templates for both images and text! By far one of the best “text” edits on the market and the most professional designs. My favorite usage of the app is the auto resizing for Pinterest and Instagram stories! I also love being able to duplicate my files so I can resize and save several sizes of the same branding. You can even create animated graphics and have your image edited to fit a color palette! With such a low learning curve, I could not recommend this any more for editing! Extensive free videos can be found on Instagram and the Adobe community so there’s no shortage of training. It is worth noting that the Mac version is a free online and mobile graphic design app that can also be used for website design.

Recommended along with:

PS Express (Higher learning curve, but works along with your Adobe login and has extensive tools!)

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