Improve Your Productivity in One Day!

Improve Your Productivity in One Day!

There comes a time in the office when you have to be more productive as compared to the other days, whether it is because of the increase in work load or you have to complete a major project in the limited time that you have. Do not worry because here we have a few tips that will help you to increase your productivity with little changes you can make in one day!

Set Small Goals

If you’re anything like me, even with technology and lists like Trello, I like to write things down on a to do list for things I need to accomplish in different intervals: Within the next few hours, Within the next day, within the next week and within the next month. You’ll notice when you start small, the goals seem that much smaller rather than going from large to small.

Look at the time

Consider how much time you are spending on a task. Did you just spend 30 minutes deciding which color and font you need for that brochure? While important, it may not be the most efficient use of your time. You’d be surprised how good you can be at estimating how long you need to complete a task.

Take a break

When you have to work continuously for a few hours it is important that you take small breaks in between. It is not productivity to stay stuck on a task and often, it is best to take a break from the issue, and return to it. For every 2 hours of work take 15 minutes of break, as it will help you to stay focused and you will not get bored with your work.

Stretch a little

When you have to work in front of the laptop for a long time and you know you will be sitting on the desk, it is important that you stretch. Due to long working hours, there will come a time when you will feel pain in your body and your joints will become stiff. When you will stretch the blood flow in your body will improve that will help you avoid fatigue. Even if you have a standing desk, remember even a short stretch or a small stroll is good for blood circulation. Good blood circulation encourages hyper focus and great productivity!

One thing at a time

It goes without saying that multitasking is not always as efficient as you think. Doing many things at once can result in lost time and productivity and nobody likes re-doing tasks due to small mistakes. Use apps and timers to efficiently ensure distractions are out of the way. Keep music and video distractions to a minimal (preferably without words).

Have an “energetic” snack

Make sure that you have a snack between work. If you will feel tired you will not be able to complete your task. Have healthy fruits or protein bars near you because it will keep your energy level high. A little sweet would be good for proper concentration on the work that you are doing. And if you’re still hungry, I always swear by chewing mint or spearmint chewing gum, as it helps with concentration and focus (a great tip for those in school as well and studying for exams).

Keep Going! You Got This!

Make sure that you stay focused on your tasks and do not lose your concentration. That is the only way you can successfully accomplish the goals that you have set for yourself. Manage the tasks efficiently and get the support from your boss and coworkers, and the rest will follow!

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