• Are You Losing Your Mind Due to Burnout?

    Are You Losing Your Mind Due To Burnout?

    Every industry encounters burnout every so often. But behind the long coverage hours, decrease in work quality, and amount of stress in what seems like a 24 hour business, it’s more important than ever to keep a close eye on your burnout. Burnout, the physical and mental collapse caused by overwork or stress- primarily associated with work. But how do you know you’re on the edge of burnout? Ask yourself these questions: Exhaustion The first and most obvious sign is feeling tired all of the time. Do you feel as though all of your energy, mental or otherwise, has been drained? After giving your all for several hours, it’s likely…

  • Star Wars Workwear Essentials
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    Star Wars Workwear Essentials

    In honor of May the Fourth, I like to celebrate by geeking out a good marathon. However, as many people deal with HR policies, there are ways to share your love for Star Wars subtly. Here is a list of some of my favorite movie franchise workwear for every fangirl and fanboy for Star Wars fans for every May the Fourth and beyond! Blazer Come rain or shine– a blazer is ideal for all weather and can be dressed up with a matching pant and heels or dressed down with jeans and flats. And ultimately, nothing makes it cooler than being able to subtly sharing your love with this Star Wars Darth…

  • Bullet Journal Ideas for Personal Growth

    Bullet Journal Ideas for Personal Growth

    Bullet journaling, the coined analog system by Ryder Carroll, is a journal meant to track the past, organize the present and plan the future. It’s the perfect alternative for people who like goal setting and have a lot of things to do but never quite stick to them. As the world become digitized, it is usually surprising to put things on pen and paper, but the practice itself teaches a valuable lesson in organizing, while still being incredibly customization and forgiving.  Ready to get started? Check out these exercises in personal growth to add to your journal: You’ll Need: A dotted grid notebook (graphic Fineliner color pens (different colors are best…

  • 4 Ways to Supercharge your Digital Housekeeping
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    4 Ways to Supercharge Your Digital Housekeeping

    Digital housekeeping is no different from office, bedroom or home keeping. If you leave things messy for so long, the more likely it is for you to be disorganized- not to mention lose time! Put some time aside on a weekend and get started with these tips! Nothing is better than starting off a new work day with a clean computer! 1. Start with a literally clean computer. When was the last time you got out the crumbs from your keyboard and the smudges from your screen? Make sure you shut off your computer. I recommend a compressed gas duster, cleaning brush,  screen cleaning wipes and your favorite microfiber cloth. Best part…

  • Apps Every Small Business Owner Should Have
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    Apps Every Small Business Owner Should Have

    Being a small business owner or ‘solopreneur’ is hard enough between the appointments, calls and emails! Thanks to phone apps though, it is easier than ever to make your workflow as efficient as possible – especially if you have to wear many hats! In collaboration with Hello Chava, we want to make it easier than ever to do it all! Whether your small business is running a personal nail salon or own an online clothing store, these apps are game changers! Keep your finances in line with Quickbooks   Everyone knows one of the important foundations of a good business is proper accounting. Accounting or tax mistakes can incredibly expensive…

  • Tech Tips for Earth Day
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    Tech Tips for Earth Day

    As a techie and earth-conscious person, it’s important to be weary of how you can reduce your footprint! Not only can this be beneficial to the planet, but you can also save money in many instances! Here are some simple and easy tips to go green- the tech way this Earth Day! Turn off lights and use energy-efficient tech Goes without saying, but remember to turn off the lights when you leave the room. That being said, if you forget, you can use tech to your advantage. First, Energy.gov recommends to switch to energy-efficient lights: go LED or fluorescent. See: Philips Energy Saver Fluorescent Light Bulb , Soft White, 4-Pack and AmazonBasics LED…

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