Rainy Day in Red
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“Rainy Day – In Red” Lookbook

Rainy days do not just need to be all black and grey. Get inspired with this red-themed outfit with a shopping list just for you! Please consider the following reasons for these lookbook picks!

Why Red?

For full disclosure, red is one of my favorite colors. But more importantly, it reminds me of what rainy days usually don’t make me feel: heat, strength, leadership, willpower, vibrance, radiance, and determination. In conclusion, why not?

Is Waterproof necessary?

I always seek a high value in good quality outerwear. Especially since not only you’re keeping your clothing from getting cold (and getting a cold or hyperthermia!) but it makes a great style statement outdoors! For the record, the jacket, boots, and tote are waterproof. Yes, technically the umbrella too.

T shirt and pants? That’s original.

The rain where I used to live was brutal. I used to never want to get even slightly wet and dresses were just not an option. A good cotton shirt and a pair of jeans were always thick enough that not only did it keep me warm during that cold weather, but it took a lot more than a small breeze to have me fully drenched. Safety, style and function!

Rainy Day - Red Themed

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