Best Websites for Royalty Free Stock Photos

Best Royalty-Free Stock Photos

Over the past year, I’ve researched and accumulated a list of my favorite stock photo websites. The reason I use stock photos (especially for my featured images) is to avoid lawsuits, illustrate what I’ve written, look professional, and of course, use engaging images for my audience. But sometimes it comes at a price, and I know not all (myself included) cannot afford to sustain. It doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your creativity and your brand, though!

Here are FREE Creative Commons Zero (CC0) stock photo websites that won’t open your blog or business to a lawsuit. The best part is that you can even use them for commercial projects! No redistribution of photographs without permission.


One of my favorite sources for images. There are over 40,000 free stock images, are updated frequently and one of the best tagged, searchable stock photo sites. All of the images are of really high quality.


It’s one of my favorite website for super feminine stock photos- and it is especially great for you lifestyle and fashionistas! Kayla always sends out links via email but there is also a resource library if you want more options. One of the few newsletters I’m willing to use to get stock photos!

Helene In Between

It’s worth mentioning that not only is her photos are really cute for your blog or Instagram, but she also includes a lot of great content for bloggers through knowledge and her online community. I am not a part of it, but the trial was incredibly valuable! Sign up for the newsletter to get access to the stock photos- they’re awesome!

Startup Stock

Startup Stock Photos is simple- just a long blog of stock photos that go for the startup aesthetic. A great resources for businesses, publishers, designers and developers.


Just as the website says, this website includes over 1.4 million royalty-free photos and videos. It also includes vector graphics- useful for those willing to do some Photoshop. Worth noting, there will be sponsored Shutterstock images on Pixabay (that do cost money), but are used to finance the photographers. Those images have the Shutterstock logo.


This site is unique that it has stock photos of laptops, phones, tablets, iMacs and other devices to ensure that your mockup image of your product makes it to the image seemlessly.


This archive includes of amazing high-quality photos from literally a few amateur photographers in the Netherlands. Rudy, Peter and the Skitterphoto have both admin picks and new photos picked out in the search page.


Looking for more mockup images? This site includes iPhones, Android, Macbook, iPad, iMac and Apple Watch images and includes a newsletter so you can get images straight to your inbox!


Nearly a thousand images, this website includes not only stock photos, but some of my favorite stock videos! It includes quite a variety of abstract images as well, and the images are definitely select.


When I “run out” of more feminine images and don’t want to check out other blogs, I often look for images on this site. The images are clean, and are really cute!


Another great resource for beautiful and free images. The best part is that there is an incredibly large library – over 300,000 images!


Karolina has had some help, but for the most part a one-woman show that has generated 2 million downloads and includes images perfect for lifestyle, foodie, interior design, fashion, travel bloggers and more! The best tweak I love of the website is being able to search the orientation of photos I’m looking for as well!