Career Development Exercises You Can Finish This Summer!

Career Development Exercises You Can Finish This Summer!

Summer’s here! And while for most people it’s school’s out, I am one of many that enjoy taking some time to read and do summer classes to keep my memory fresh. Good news, of course, is that since the recommended classes are online, all you have to do is devote a few hours a week in advancing your career through these beginners level hand-curated classes for their valuable and interesting content.

Without further ado, here are some recommendations for career development:

Excel Training and Tutorials

You’re never too out of practice for Excel coursework and it being an especially sought out skill for sales, finance professionals and even in some cases data scientists. This can be an especially useful skill that translate well in the corporate world. The training Microsoft offers for free includes tutorials, videos, and guides on Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, and Windows Phone that cover the latest version of Excel, as well as older ones.

Online Marketing: Social Media Growth

Many people know the value of being able to market yourself but many learn on their own, experiment or put in valuable money. This is so far one of my favorite of the free email courses on mastering how to establish tone for all of your social media posts for whatever online marketing purpose you’re trying to achieve.

Business Law: For the Entrepreneur and Manager

For the folks that never take any law courses, this classes is the step up from what most non-lawyers go through in business law building blocks– including important topics for business managers such as intellectual property, business disputes, reorganization and more. And of course, being an MIT OpenCourseWare course, makes it quite the catch. You can work the course at your own pace!

Career “Hacking”

The best Udemy course for career development is made for any industry and positions and more importantly- cost effective if you’re just looking for the jump-up point in developing a professional brand and kick-starting your resume. I am in no part an affiliate, but I’ve taken quite a few of their classes and found it valuable.

Writing for the Sciences

I could never pass up an opportunity to improve my writing! And while I mostly discuss technical writing, this course is excellent for both undergrad and graduate students in the medical and science industry that teach how to write effectively for grant writing, peer review and more. Coursera’s content also works great as other great schools contribute.

Got more career-dev classes you’d like me to try out? Comment below!