Top 5 Tech Gifts for the Holidays – 2017

Top 5 Gifts Tech 2017

Just a few more weeks until Christmas! Are you still looking for gifts? Well don’t freight, your techie is here to help! Here are a list of tech gadgets all of your loved ones can enjoy:

Wearable Tech: Fitbit Charge 2

I’m quite a fan of the Fitbit. I have one of my own and have enjoyed getting use out of it. It’s also much more affordable and thinner band option than the Apple Watch. I personally like it over the Alta HR because of the additional features it features. This includes the following:

  • Connected GPS, which creates map of your running tracks
  • Guided Breathing based on your heart rate
  • Cardio Fitness Level measurement

And if you are lucky enough to have extra money laying around, you can find replacement bands to fit your style!

Home Tech: Google Home

My roommate and I go the extra mile with the Google Home– we’ve incorporated it into our home IoT! Starting from the morning, Google Home can talk me through a quick weather report, my route to work, to playing and pausing our Netflix viewing or music playlists (requires purchase of Chromecast). No more looking for the remote control! In fact, I have never relied more on a timer than I have with asking Google to set my timer while I cook. (It’s very nice to be hands free!)

I’m a huge fan and I’m looking forward to surprising my family with this one! HSN is selling the Google Home and Google Chromecast kit together if you can get your hands on it. The Amazon Echo, is a fairly newer alternative and while it competes with this item, is excellent for an avid Amazon-video user and someone who orders Amazon products fairly regularly.

Fitness Tech: Bose SoundSport In-Ear Headphones

As someone who is trying to develop better habits for fitness, this is a great one! I’m a huge fan of Bose products as they always deliver the best sound, are always really good quality, and their warranty is top-tier of all of the headphone companies I’ve tried out. It’s amazing that my headphones never get tangled nor do they bother my ears, which I must admit, is the reason I enjoy Bose sport headphones over Beats sport headphones. They also do not fall out, which is incredibly important for those who run more. The highlight for me is the excellent noise reduction of all headphones I’ve tested.

Bedroom Tech: iHome Double-Sided Vanity Mirror Bluetooth Speaker with USB Charging

If you know that one person in your life that takes their sweet, sweet time getting ready to go out doing their make up, blasting music and doing their hair, this is a fun “tech-beauty” gift idea! iHome, more notoriously known for their speaker alarm clocks, created a Vanity mirror, that you guessed it– has a bluetooth speaker and USB charging to charge your phone while you’re getting ready. The vanity itself really has one of the best mirrors of the full-color lighting without totally breaking the bank, which makes this a great one! The website boats the following:

  • GORGEOUS LIGHTING: Full color lighting with high and low light settings
  • 7X MAGNIFY 2-SIDED 9 INCH WIDE!: see all of yourself easily and DISTORTION FREE
  • PLAYS MUSIC: Bluetooth Audio with Speakerphone
  • SPEAKERPHONE: Built in MIC with Integrated media controls with talk/end button
  • PHONE CHARGER: USB Connection – USB port to charge mobile device (charging cable not included)

Style Tech: iPhone Charging Bracelet

Of all of the iPhone Charging Bracelets, I think Mark and Graham is one of the highest-quality of charging bracelets out there. This is perfect for your favorite #GirlBoss whose lifeline is their phone and would like one less thing to think about when walking around town for business meetings! I’m personally a fan because of the touch of personalization. With a 1,000mAh battery and Micro-USB charging cable, this is the perfect and stylish option to introduce a GirlBoss into the wonders of literal fashion-tech/wearables!

Bonus- for those with larger budgets:

Game Tech: Nintendo Switch

I could not end this post without talking about the tech toy that I have not had the pleasure to get/receive, but have played around with! This seems to reign as one of the best gaming consoles of 2017. It is one of the most convenient when playing around the house, and is the perfect screen size for high-quality game play. The sound is excellent, fits great in both large and small hands (have personally asked friends on their “fit comfort” and all passed). The buttons are nice overall and the sticks function well. Loading times are really fast in games as well as the main button menus and options overall.

Depending who you purchase for, take note that you only get 24.8gb/32gb of space for game storage, which is are for most consoles. But overall, the games available for the Nintendo Switch are perfect for all gaming skill levels and is why this is on my personal Christmas list. 

Thanks for tuning in! Let me know what gadgets I missed that deserved an honorable mention!