Top 3 Free Travel Apps
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Top Three Free Travel Apps

As a techie, I definitely know the struggle with choosing the right app to decide where to find the best flights, getting there and more. I’m all for not wasting digital space either, so here are my picks for top four travel apps out there.


Last year, I had to make quite a few trips home (personal reasons) and it’s quite nice to have the alerts to remind you when the best time ranges to book a ticket. It was also the tool that I used when I was looking for super cheap flights but wasn’t tied down to dates. They do hotels now too! It really does find THE CHEAPEST fares. I find the interface really easy to use and the learning curve is not high for high use. And of course, now you can not only book your flight, but book your hotel in one booking! Hopper does not have a desktop web application, so it is strictly an Apple App Store and Google Play app.




Google Flights

As if Google didn’t already OWN me (I’m a pretty big fan of Google products), but Google Flights offers similar services. I think it’s edge is on finding availability and searching quickly. You can of course send flights and itineraries to those who need it before and after you’ve booked your flight, as well as track prices. My favorite feature is the “Explore Map” page, where you can get a map of your country, and show the lowest fares, any range for travel and see additional tips and price graphs for the best deals.




Of all of the larger websites I’ve used over the years, I’ve simply found the best flights at lower rates with Expedia. This was the tool I have the most experience with booking, and is my catch-all for low fares when Hopper and Google flights fail me. They have the best travel bundles for your tips (flights, hotels, cars and those combinations) and find their “Things To Do” feature really helpful when you’re a tourist.


There are many tricks as some of you know for finding those tips, but felt it was worth sharing my favorite travel apps. What are yours? Leave your faves in the comments!!

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