Free Wordpress Plugins You Need for Your Blog
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Free WordPress Plugins You Need for Your Blog

If you have a WordPress blog, you know that prioritizing your visitors’ experience is important! Lipstick and Tech is here to make sure that you have the best WordPress plugins without searching for ages through the store. Here are the plugins that are not only incredibly popular, but without a doubt, are the must-haves for your blog or business website!


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Akismet stops almost all spam, and when paired with having to approve your comments, can really clean up your comment section on your blog! What I think was great is to give administrators the option to silently discard the worst spam or to give you a few days to evaluate your Spam folder for review. A really easy app to use and I’ve been spam-free ever since!

Yoast SEO

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Need to optimize your blog for search engines? This is the plugin most people swear by! The plugin makes it easier to add additional meta data, focus words and more not only for each post, but per page or category on your website! There is a premium version that offers additional features, but more importantly, their website provides many tutorials and trainings for those who are lost and need help!


Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights
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MonsterInsights is the best Google Analytics module for WordPress, and is definitely a friendlier and user-friendly version of Google Analytics. It enables you to associate your site with Google Analytics, so you can take in more about your site guests, for example, what blogs of yours are the most popular or where they are from. You would then be able to streamline your site. 


Security will be a major worry for online entrepreneurs in 2018. Wordfence’s web application firewall is presumably outstanding amongst many others. Once configured, the website scans your page daily (once set) and checks for file changes, infections, malicious URL, and backdoors. Its strong firewall protection against threats and attacks by identifying and blocking attackers and malicious traffic. I’ve spoken with several business owners who swear by this app, and I myself, have found the app incredibly helpful and it makes website security that much easier and not something I need to worry about! (I’m not sponsored, I swear! Haha!)

Just remember…

You do not need to spend a ton of money from the

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