Bullet Journal Ideas for Personal Growth

Bullet Journal Ideas for Personal Growth

Bullet journaling, the coined analog system by Ryder Carroll, is a journal meant to track the past, organize the present and plan the future. It’s the perfect alternative for people who like goal setting and have a lot of things to do but never quite stick to them. As the world become digitized, it is usually surprising to put things on pen and paper, but the practice itself teaches a valuable lesson in organizing, while still being incredibly customization and forgiving.Β  Ready to get started? Check out these exercises in personal growth to add to your journal:

You’ll Need:

Goal Pages

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As they always say, in order to create goals for yourself, break them down by timelines. You’ll find that when you break down the goals, you’ll not only be able to find a record of them but you’ll always be able to adapt, update or expand on those goals.

  • Daily Goals – Top 3
  • Weekly Goals
  • Monthly Check-in Goals (mid-month goals)
  • Monthly Goals
  • Yearly Goals
  • 5 Year Goals
  • Life milestones (track accomplishments)

To Do Pages

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To Do lists are important and are really easy to be productive without overthinking. This is the time to get creative beyond daily work. Have you been itching to try something new? Apply how you build a to do list with your new “to trys” list.

  • Daily “To Do” list
  • Bucket List
  • Wishlists
  • Books to Read
  • Cleaning Schedule
  • Conferences to Go To
  • Classes to Complete
  • Packing List
  • Chore lists

Health and Self Care Pages

Personal development is not limited to mind- take care of your body and spirit.

  • Sleep logs/trackers
  • Meal planning
  • Meal lists
  • Stress prompts (unconscious writing, best written in the morning!)
  • Water trackers
  • Self-care and Health habits

Money Pages

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Not all of us are great with reaching our financial goals. Use your bullet journal as a way to organize your way into those goals, getting out of debt or just getting that vacation fund saved.

  • Spending tracker
  • Financial Goals – by month, year, 5 year plan
  • Extra Income list/to-dos
  • Savings log
  • Vacation, new car fund, etc
  • Bill tracking

I hope these prompts give you ideas to inspire your bullet journal writing. All that’s left is to organize it in a way that speaks to you. Stickers, stencils, and printed pictures are great, but so long as it works for you, then it’s doing its job. Not ready for the writing yet? Check out my blog all about productivity apps: here. Share what works for you in the comments!

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