Are You Losing Your Mind Due to Burnout?

Are You Losing Your Mind Due To Burnout?

Every industry encounters burnout every so often. But behind the long coverage hours, decrease in work quality, and amount of stress in what seems like a 24 hour business, it’s more important than ever to keep a close eye on your burnout. Burnout, the physical and mental collapse caused by overwork or stress- primarily associated with work. But how do you know you’re on the edge of burnout? Ask yourself these questions:


The first and most obvious sign is feeling tired all of the time. Do you feel as though all of your energy, mental or otherwise, has been drained? After giving your all for several hours, it’s likely that you can fall victim to feeling mentally dedicated to projects or head space. In my experience, the exhaustion has turned into a loss of appetite, a lack of focus and forgetfulness and anger/irritability.


This typically manifests in absenteeism and presenteeism- where you find yourself disengaging with your work and in many cases, taking “sick days” just for the sake of taking time away from overwhelming projects. Some people do end up showing up to work even if they are sick, but instinctively turn negative, which can create conflict among coworkers. This pessimism at its worse can extend not only to trust issues with coworkers, but with family members and feeling isolated (avoiding social events).


In the instance of burnout, most staff members may feel as though they have not accomplished a lot or doubt that they’re even doing a good job in the first place. In more serious cases, anxiety becomes an issue that interferes with peoples’ personal state and causes issues not only in productivity, but in their personal life. Similar to what feelings of apathy and hopelessness, this negativity can discourage mobility in performance, projects and general activities.

Special Note

If you’re not experiencing any of these problems, that’s great! However, you should keep these warning signs in mind, remembering that burnout should be a wake up call to what can be an emotionally draining and stressful life. Talk to someone about your burnout, coworkers or a friend, take time to recover, and lessen your load. Recognizing the symptoms can be the beginning steps of resolution.

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