Best Sites for Finding Great Remote Jobs

Finding Remote Work

Many of you guys know my full-time job is remote. It fits my life style perfectly and over the past year or so, I’ve gotten several questions about how I’ve found work! At this time, I’d like to acknowledge which sites I looked at when I was job hunting for full-time gigs and my online presence was strong. The good news is that the jobs posted on these sites are not just for techies!


This should be your go-to if you’re aspiring for working at a start up company. Make sure to filter the job type to “Remote OK” to thoroughly capture which positions are remote. The website also gives you the perfect way to filter out the types of roles you’re looking for as well and the website is updated frequently. That being said, the roles usually have a post date, which depending how early the post date is, the better the chances you will receive a reply. My best advice is to avoid any job listings later than two months.

Facebook – Groups

Believe it or not, if you search Facebook for job listings, you can find quite a few gems and connect with folks who are more than happy to give referrals. My personal experience was getting lots of great leads from Albert’s List, a Facebook group that was predominately jobs for people in the Bay Area. If you want to make the most of it, I would use the group’s search for keywords that can help sift through the postings on the group page. Do put yourself out there with a resume, LinkedIn profile page or personal website along with an opportunity statement about your experience and what you are seeking. I’ve noticed the profile postings with the most success are usually for folks who are clear about what they are looking for.


You’ve heard me talk about LinkedIn before (see my Do’s and Don’ts of LinkedIn blog post). Frankly, I’m biased on account that I found my first two jobs post grad on the website. My best piece of advice is to treat it as an addition to your resume to list everything you couldn’t on your one-page resume: Go into depth about projects; list all of the certifications; get any recommendations that you can– Do it all! Once that’s set and you’ve labeled yourself as an “Open Candidate“, you will have better luck taking advantage of the custom job search picks. Of course, you can always search for remote opportunities (search in the job title, not the location) and use the website as an opportunity to network with recruiters at your dream company. After all, 20,000 companies use LinkedIn to recruit! (Source:

The website primarily focuses on finding opportunities for you based on your profile, and will also send out email updates with those opportunities. Your profile is shared with top employers, of course! The great part that I found was that the posts response times have been one to two days- much better than many sites I’ve checked out in the past.

Honorable Mentions of Websites I’ve Heard Of (but never used)

Where are you job hunting? Let me know in the comments!